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My latest and greatest sweater that I've made! I wish you could feel how soft this merino wool is. This chunky sweater is the consistency of a thick hoodie, so it is heavy, fits great over a jacket if you needed, and so unique. This design is one of a kind, created by me, and you'll never find another one like it.


This is the perfect piece of clothing if you are looking to bring some color into your life. These bold colors look great in the winter and I hope this sweater finds an adventurous home.


Sizing - I am 5'8 and 125 lbs. I usually wear a small, and this is oversized on me. I would say that it is a loose fitting medium, or tighter fit large. That is the beauty of these sweaters is that the fit can be very flexible seeing that it is handmade and the stitches can settle to whatever body is wearing it. 

Merino Wool Sweater - Medium

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