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Birthday Hat

Kathryn's birthday present from her dad was to design her own personal hat! We messaged and worked out colors and design. She requested a black "floofy" and I think it is the perfect touch.

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Oregon Coast

This hat was made for my friend Wendy. She just moved from Idaho to the Oregon Coast and sent me a picture of the sunset, asking to make a hat that resembled it. It was so much fun to choose ocean/sunset colors! Wendy, now you can enjoy a little piece of Idaho always.

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Hat for Maddy

Maddy basically sent me colors (sage and sunflower yellow) with a general idea of a design that she wanted. I took some artistic liberties and created this pretty diamond design!

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This request was from Aspen and she wanted a hat in "blues".  This one took me a couple of tries, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I love how many colors I was able to fit in! She  requested to have it delivered without sending a picture of the final product so it would be a surprise. So fun!

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Zag Remake

Anne requested this hat off of my profile on Instagram. I made it a couple of of months ago and recreated it so Anne could have her own!

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Baby Boy!

This hat was made by request for Katelyn. She ordered a baby hat as a gift for her sister in law who was expecting a little boy! Hoping to make more baby hats in the future. So cute!

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This hat was made by request for my dear friend Isabelle. She wanted a "patriotic hat" because she loves America! Loving how this one turned out.

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